It’s that time of the year again. Parks are preparing to announce what they have in store for the 2016 season. While some have already confirmed their attractions (MAKO at Seaworld Orlando, Cobra’s Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa, Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom) others have waited until the very end of summer to spill the beans. Cedar Fair, who runs a total of 11 theme parks, falls into the latter category. Now some parks such as Carowinds, have hinted heavily on what they are adding, while others, such as Dorney Park, haven’t been as transparent. TheAnimatorOfficial is here today to predict what’s to come to all 11 Cedar Fair parks, going from smallest park to largest park. There are a few rules however: One, no park will be receiving a TrioTech dark ride this year (as stated by Cedar Fair themselves). Two, there will DEFINITELY NOT be an RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) coaster or treatment coming to any park. RMC is booked and Cedar Fair has not aligned themselves with them. Yet. Maybe by 2018 we’ll see the first coaster from them at Canada’s Wonderland or Cedar Point. Three, these are just predictions and/or speculations and are NOT 100% confirmed in any way, so don’t attack us if we turn out to be wrong. Okay, now that we have that covered, let the predictions begin!

Michigan’s Adventure: Electronic trash cans


We know for a fact that these brand new talking electronic trash cans are sure to be an improvement on the old, stinky conventional trash cans, both economically, environmentally, and aesthetically. Okay, we’re just screwing with you. But seriously, we (sadly) see another year without anything added. Still, as the hometown Detroit Lions say, “There’s always next year…” Too bad “next year” is never any different.

Valleyfair: Waterpark expansion


Valleyfair is beginning to clear land around its waterpark and waterpark entrance, leading many to believe that the complex will be expanded. Now, for this to happen, their mine train roller coaster Excalibur would have to be removed. But for those concerned about Valleyfair’s coaster count, no worries, because they are rumored to be receiving a B&M invert some time in the near future. But for now, a better waterpark should suffice.

California’s Great America: Floorless conversion of Vortex


Last year, Cedar Point announced that their standup coaster, Mantis, would be converted into a floorless coaster with a new paint job and name, Rougarou. All signs point to California’s Great America doing the same with their standup coaster, Vortex, and probably the Vortex at Carowinds in 2017.

Worlds of Fun: New family rides


World of Fun is more of a family park than an all out thrill park, so it would make loads of sense to upgrade their family ride selection. Now what could be added? We’re thinking a disk-o “coaster” (not really) and a flying eagles. These two are popular attractions at Cedar fair parks, so we would assume that Worlds of Fun is next.

Dorney Park: (Maybe) some kiddie additions


Dorney Park is another one of those parks Cedar Fair loves to avoid, even with its good coaster selection. They will go another year without anything major, but we think that some kiddie rides are possible. Dorney is rumored to get a GCI woodie in the next couple of years, but we wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

Knott’s Berry Farm: Ghost Town upgrades plus GhostRider refurbishment


The Ghost Town section of the park, while still well-themed, is becoming outdated and not that present to look at. We expect Knott’s Berry Farm to update it to make it more aesthetically pleasing. But the biggest part to this is GhostRider. Now GhostRider has a very good layout but unfortunately it has a reputation for being brutally rough. We believe that Knott’s will re-track it, give it new trains, and make the experience much smoother while retaining the feel of a wild wooden roller coaster. And if you’re asking about an RMC treatment on it, the answer is a resounding: HELL NO!!!!

Kings Dominion: New flat ride(s) plus SlingShot


Ah, now to our home park. With the removal of Shockwave, Kings Dominion is hoping to put in something more testicle-friendly. What comes to mind in terms of what will fit is a flat ride or a flat ride package. What they could install is a HUSS Giant Frisbee or a an S&S Screamin’ Swing. Or, alternatively, they could install multiple smaller flat rides, like a newly updated HUSS Enterprise and a Disk-o “Coaster” (still isn’t). But the one thing that for sure will come is a SlingShot, according to anonymous sources at the park. Now, there has been speculation on a B&M hyper coming to the park in 2016 because of a photo on Kings Dominion’s website that contains a red and green hyper tucked away in the left corner. We don’t think that photo is hinting at anything and we don’t think we are getting a coaster in 2016, not even in Shockwave’s spot (too small). Kings Dominion would be much further along in the project if it truly was happening. There is no track sightings, footers, or hints besides that misleading photo. However, there is land clearing occurring behind Rebel Yell and Intimidator 305. It’s a VERY large amount of land, meaning that Kings Dominion is almost certainly getting a coaster in 2017 (We’re predicting a B&M launched wingrider named “Valravn”- hear us out on the name!), unless they are bringing back the safari monorail. Or it’s the world’s largest electronic trash can.

Carowinds: Waterpark expansion (Carolina Harbor)


Boo hoo. The classic wooden racer Thunder Road has been completely demolished. A moment of silence…

Alright, now that we have that accomplished, let’s talk about what’s going to be in place of it: a mega-waterpark expansion. Carowinds is undergoing a mega-investment by Cedar Fair which started out with a mega-coaster and a mega-front gate upgrade. Thanks to the blueprints released, we now know that Carowinds will be getting a major expansion of their waterpark, similar to Soak City at Kings Dominion. However, there will also be a new entrance DIRECTLY into the waterpark from the proposed new parking lot. Sounds pretty damn amazing! Though, looking at the blueprints again, we don’t see how they couldn’t have fitted this all while retaining Thunder Road. Oh well.

Canada’s Wonderland: New family rides


Most people we know have been predicting a B&M launched wingider named “Ziz”, but that’s not going to happen this year, or heck, even 2017. There is nothing going on in Skyrider’s former spot and the construction going on near Minebuster isn’t big enough for that wing rider. So we’re going to predict that Canada’s Wonderland will get some sort of family ride package, probably in a similar fashion to Michigan’s Adventure. We think 2018 is Canada’s Wonderland’s year for an RMC of one of their woodies.

Kings Island: Park appearance improvements plus minor waterpark additions plus removal of Dinosaurs Alive.


Let’s get one thing out of the way: KINGS ISLAND IS NOT GETTING A GIGA COASTER FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!!! Now back to 2016. Kings Island is not going to get a big waterpark expansion that everybody wants; merely minor additions. We also see park appearance improvements like its sister park, Kings Dominion. But the big thing going on in 2016 in our opinion is that Dinosaurs Alive will be removed. Yes it wasn’t open that long, but it’s cheap looking, expensive, unpopular, and a plain waste of space. Other parks will follow suit in the upcoming years. They provide a GREAT deal of land to put future attractions on.

Cedar Point: B&M dive coaster (unknown name)


We all know what the biggest park in the chain is getting. It’s been leaked as far back as January: a B&M dive coaster. Now we don’t think this is the best fit (we’d MUCH rather see a GCI woodie, as Cedar Point does not currently have a good wooden coaster), and we even question the orange paint job, but it is what it is. This massive ride will be over 200 feet tall, go up to 80 mph, and contain 3 inversions (Immelmann, Dive loop, Zero g-roll/Corkscrew combo-thingy). To finish things of, let’s address the elephant in the room: the name. “Valravn” (a mythological bird) was trademarked a few months ago by Cedar Point and was for sure going to be the name of the coaster, but recently a moron died from being struck by Raptor after (*sigh*) climbing into a restricted area (thoughts on the incident here). Cedar Point now has to push the announcement back from August 18th and they will now have to rename the damn thing so that they don’t offend the family (Valravn is a bird of death).

Alright, so those are our 2016 Cedar Fair Predictions. We will probably be wrong about most of these in the near future, but that’s why they are called predictions. What do you guys think is coming? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!