When we review of any coaster, attraction, or theme park, we implant a rating system that will vary per type of medium we are reviewing, composed of different categories. The rating for each category will be on a scale from 0-5 (yes, we do do zeroes). It may be relative to the intention of the ride/park at times. Some scores will be multiplied due to importance. Our categories are below:


Coaster Reviews:

  • Theming
  • Experience (smoothness) (x2)
  • Elements (x2)
  • Thrill Factor (x3)
  • Operations


Attraction Reviews (dark rides/other non-thrill rides):

  • Theming (x2)
  • Fun Factor (x3)
  • Operations


Park Reviews:

  • Theming (x2 for theme parks)
  • Location
  • Ride Selection (x3)
  • Operations
  • Experience (landscaping, cleanliness, food, etc.) (x3)

At the end of the category rankings, we will find the average of the scores by doing the multiplications if needed, adding up every score to get a number, and finally dividing that number by the number of categories. Whatever we are reviewing will receive a final score, rounding to the nearest whole number. We will also provide an overall message for the score it earns as follows:


1: Don’t bother.

2: Do it once.

3: Worth your time.

4: Cherish forever!

5: TheAnimatorOfficial Approved!!!!