More Cedar Fair announcements occurred Thursday, August 20th. While the day before had Knott’s Berry Farm and Kings Island announced their 2016 plans, this day had not two but three parks announce what  they have in store: Canada’s Wonderland in Ontario, Canada, Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia, and Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri. So, what will we see from these parks in 2016?

Canada’s Wonderland: Flying Eagles and Skyhawk

Canada’s Wonderland has added two on to their already impressive flat ride lineup. The first is a flying eagles ride, which is common for a Cedar Fair park. Second, they have added Skyhawk; this is an interesting ride. You will be able to control the axis which you fly at, so it’s almost like a Zamperla Air Race with more freedom.

Kings Dominion: Delirium

What a surprise! Instead of getting a disk-o/slingshot combo like most people have been predicting Kings Dominion went with a frisbee ride called Delirium; a Mondial Revolution to be exact. Kings Dominion needed another good flat ride, and this delivers on that need. Now, we still may see a slingshot in 2016 right next to Delirium in 2016, in addition to a new coke building, repaint of Bad Apple (and possibly Drop Tower), and an overall asthetic improvement of Candy Apple Grove. Unfortunately though, the general public is pissed off. I mean REALLY PISSED OFF! Get ready to cringe if you click on the hyperlink.

Worlds of Fun: Planet Snoopy expansion
Worlds of Fun is more of a family oriented park, so it’s fitting to expand its kids area, Planet Snoopy. New rides include Woodstock Gliders, Flying Ace, Snoopy Space Buggies, Linus Launcher, and Snoopy Junction.

What did you guys think of these 2016 announcements? Leave your thoughts in the comments selection below!