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Six Flags 2016 Announcements

On September 3rd, Six Flags announced their plans for 2016 for each park. Unfortunately, it was a more disappointing (actually that would be an understatement) year than in years past. So, what was announced and what are our thoughts?  Let’s find out:

Six Flags Great Escape: Greezed Lightning

Wonder why it’s been a disappointing year? Well one of the reasons is that not only were there FOUR Larson Super Loops announced this year, but they were all classified as coasters! Typical Six Flags laziness and/or marketing scheme! The only park we feel this “coaster” (ugh) type fits is Six Flags Great Escape. It’s a small park, so whatever, it works for them.

Six Flags America: Splashwater Falls

Sigh. Six Flags America has become a punchline turned into a tragedy. The only things this park has gotten since their last NEW coaster in 2001 (Batwing) were a relocated B&M Standup, relocated Spinning Wild Mouse, and a Larson Super Loop. And now their outdated waterpark is only getting a splashpad update. Six Flags, if you’re reading this, either sell the park or just plain bulldoze it!

Six Flags La Ronde: Le Vampire backwards, Phoenix, Gravitor

It’s no surprise that Le Vampire is going backwards for 2016. We are also glad though that La Ronde’a flat ride section is getting updated, especially with two fairly unique rides.

Six Flags Mexico: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

Okay, this is a fun ride, and a great addition. But Six Flags, please use different theming for different parks. Enough clones.

Six Flags St. Louis: Fireball

Another Super Loop. What a surprise.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: The Joker

Finally! The only great attraction in 2016! The Joker looks to be a sick RMC revamp of the already thrilling Roar! Though, we’re not sure why they went with a Joker theme instea of “Iron Roar” or whatever like what Six Flags has done the past few years.

Six Flags New England: Fireball, Superman: The Ride

ANOTHER Super Loop?! Or rather, ANOTHER ‘FIREBALL’? Typical Six Flags laziness. However, we are glad that Six Flags New England is doing away with the Bizzaro theme on their Intamin hypercoaster and returning to a Superman theme with no onboard audio.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Fireball, Spinsanity, Hurricane Force 5

ENOUGH WITH THE FIREBALLS!!!! Anyways, thanks Fiesta Texas for upgrading your family section!

Six Flags Over Georgia: Bugs Bunny Boomtown/DC Super Friends

Could potentially be the best kids area out there, even better than Kings Island/Dominion’s Planet Snoopy!

Six Flags Over Texas: Riddler’s Revenge (not the coaster), Harley Quinn’s Spinsanity, Catwoman’s Whip

Memo to Six Flags, COME UP WITH NEW NAMES!!!! Other than that, this seem like a solid addition to their flat ride lineup.

Six Flags Great America: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

See Six Flags Mexico

Six Flags Great Adventure: Total Mayhem

S&S Free Spins are great rides, but this is a very boneheaded decision by Great Adventure. They are way to small in capacity for a huge park like Great Adventure. Why didn’t they go with the 10 inversion, 220 foot model instead of this one anyways?

Six Flags Magic Mountain: New Revolution

Six Flags is advertising this like it’s a new coaster. Of course. But we love how they are going back to the lap bars instead of the painful OTSRs like the past 20 years.

What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments section below!

Canada’s Wonderland, Kings Dominion, and Worlds of Fun Announce 2016 Plans

More Cedar Fair announcements occurred Thursday, August 20th. While the day before had Knott’s Berry Farm and Kings Island announced their 2016 plans, this day had not two but three parks announce what  they have in store: Canada’s Wonderland in Ontario, Canada, Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia, and Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri. So, what will we see from these parks in 2016?

Canada’s Wonderland: Flying Eagles and Skyhawk

Canada’s Wonderland has added two on to their already impressive flat ride lineup. The first is a flying eagles ride, which is common for a Cedar Fair park. Second, they have added Skyhawk; this is an interesting ride. You will be able to control the axis which you fly at, so it’s almost like a Zamperla Air Race with more freedom.

Kings Dominion: Delirium

What a surprise! Instead of getting a disk-o/slingshot combo like most people have been predicting Kings Dominion went with a frisbee ride called Delirium; a Mondial Revolution to be exact. Kings Dominion needed another good flat ride, and this delivers on that need. Now, we still may see a slingshot in 2016 right next to Delirium in 2016, in addition to a new coke building, repaint of Bad Apple (and possibly Drop Tower), and an overall asthetic improvement of Candy Apple Grove. Unfortunately though, the general public is pissed off. I mean REALLY PISSED OFF! Get ready to cringe if you click on the hyperlink.

Worlds of Fun: Planet Snoopy expansion
Worlds of Fun is more of a family oriented park, so it’s fitting to expand its kids area, Planet Snoopy. New rides include Woodstock Gliders, Flying Ace, Snoopy Space Buggies, Linus Launcher, and Snoopy Junction.

What did you guys think of these 2016 announcements? Leave your thoughts in the comments selection below!

Knott’s Berry Farm and Kings Island Announce 2016 Plans


Today was a rather big day for Cedar Fair, as two of their parks announced what they have in store for 2016: Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, and Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. Neither of them announced any new rides, but rather upgrades an other additions. So, what’s 2016 going to look like for them?

Knott’s Berry Farm: Ghost Town 75th Anniversary, including GhostRider refurbishment.


2016 is the 75th anniversary for the Ghost Town section of Knott’s Berry Farm. More details will come in the following months, says the park, but we can assume that the theming, food, and overall aesthetics of the section will be updated. But the one thing we do know is that GhostRider will be going through a renovation, as predicted by us. Most likely there will be re-tracking to make the ride smoother, theming additions, and (possibly) new trains. The ride will be closing on September 8th, so make sure you get your last rides for the year! Now I know most of you are whining about it not getting the RMC treatment, but did you honestly expect it in the first place? And maybe the wooden look and feel of GhostRider is what fits into GhostTown better than an quiet, ultra-smooth RMC! Unfortunately, the Screamin’ Swing will be closing permanently to make room for the rennovation. Possible pop up at Kings Dominion?

Kings Island: Tropical Plunge, new splash pad area, new toll plaza/parking entrance.


Looks like we were wrong. Kings Islands plans for 2016 are a little more significant. The main attraction will indeed be a waterpark expansion, akin to the expansions at Kings Dominion and then Carowinds as well for 2016. Kings island will be receiving a new drop slide complex called “Tropical Plunge”. It will be an addition that their somewhat-outdated waterpark desperately needs. In addition, there will be an updated kids area of the waterpark with a new splash part, reminiscent of its sister parks. Finally, Kings Island will be updating their toll plaza and parking entrance, again, similar to Carowinds. Their current toll/parking area is ridiculously tiny, so expanding it and upgrading the looks would be a major improvement.

What do you guys think about the announcements today? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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